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Materials Characterization Services for Today’s Pharmaceutical Scientist


Understanding the physical and chemical properties of your drug substances and products is crucial. In today’s age of Process Analytical Techniques (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD), regulatory authorities look favorably upon drug developer partnerships with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) that have specific areas of expertise.

Backed by Micromeritics with 50 years of experience, MPS can be trusted as your materials characterization outsourcing partner for determining the physical properties of pharmaceutical materials, medical devices, nutraceuticals, and other FDA-regulated products. Through the use of advanced analytical testing systems, MPS provides information on your materials that enable you to define and achieve high-quality drug products while optimizing your drug development and production process.

Early identification and understanding of Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) are essential steps in the process. From a QbD perspective, scientists, researchers, and regulators look for consistency, both in physical and chemical attributes. MPS is here to help you define, specify, and control the critical quality attributes of your materials.

Our areas of expertise include particle size distribution analysis (micron and nano- particles), particle shape and morphology, surface area, surface energy, vapor sorption, porosity, density, thermal analysis, and material flow properties.

Our analytical systems are linked to secure and validated data-handling networks (LIMS), ensuring that results are compiled and delivered as quickly, reliably, and accurately as possible while maintaining compliance with the appropriate standards for analytical methodology, security, and data integrity. Through a secured web portal, our customers can submit paperwork, view project status, and retrieve results. 

MPS is a DEA-licensed, FDA-registered, cGMP/GLP-compliant contract characterization laboratory.

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