API Characterization

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Let our almost 50 years of API characterization assist you in identifiing the critical quality attribute of your API . Whether a new formulation, or existing product, MPS has the expertise and analytical tools necessary to fully characterize your material. New research is shedding light on analytical tools that were once seldom used by pharmaceutical scientists. Today’s pharmaceutical scientists are now finding broad utility in Gas Adsorption ( BET ), pore size distribution, dynamic image analysis, Surface Energy, Vapor Sorption, and a variety of density measurements (apparent, skeletal, bulk, and envelope), among others.

Typical analyses conducted by our lab on APIs:

  • Particle Size (Light Scattering, Electric Sensing Zone, dynamic image analysis, dynamic light scattering-Nano Particle Size)
  • Specific Surface Area ( BET ) Image Analysis (Dynamic Image Analysis-Particle Shape, Microscopy-Particle Shape)
  • Surface Energy (Volumetric Gas Adsorption-DFT, Inverse Gas Chromatography- IGC )
  • Density (Gas Pycnometry-True/Apparent Density, Bulk/TAP-Carr Index, Hg Porosimetry-Bulk Density)