Ancillary Information

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Ordering: Part numbers for MPS services are shown in the left column on each page of the catalogs below. Please use sample submission form and include billing information. Credit cards are accepted. All prices are F.O.B. Norcross, Georgia, U.S.A. and subject to change without notice. Orders are invoiced for prices in effect at time order is received. Payment terms are net 30 days.

Micromeritics Pharmaceutical Services Catalog

Sample/Report Retention: Samples can be returned if all information and labeling are provided to permit shipment within DOT requirements. Unreturned samples are retained for 30 days. Hazardous materials are returned to customer for disposal. Analysis reports are retained for three years.

Hazardous Samples: MSDS required and hazards must be detailed to protect lab personnel and equipment. Withholding hazard information can result in significant special handling charges. Radioactive materials and samples requiring special handling for which the MAS is not equipped cannot be accepted.

Instrument Purchase Allowance: Half the cost of applicable analyses done within 120 days of instrument purchase may be credited toward instrument purchase. Maximum credit is 4% of purchase price. Customer must notify Micromeritics of credit due when instrument is ordered, including Micromeritics’ reference numbers for applicable MAS / MPS work.

Volume/Blanket Order Discounts: For individual orders: 1 to 7 samples, net - 8 to 14 samples, less 5%; - 15 to 21 samples, less 10%; - 22 or more samples, less 15%; - blanket orders for 48 or more samples over 3- to 12-months period, less 17.5%. Discount is applicable for same analysis(es) on multiple samples. Different analyses cannot be combined for volume discount. Duplicate analyses (two aliquots1 from the same sample) are billed as two analyses. Repeat analyses (one aliquot with successive analyses) are billed at full price for initial analysis and half price for each subsequent analysis of that sample.

Fast Turnaround: Normal turnaround is postal dispatch of analysis report within 10 working days after MPS receives samples with MSDS, billing information, and analysis instructions. Priority turnaround (50% surcharge) is within four working days. Rush turnaround (200% surcharge) places samples ahead of waiting analyses, however analyses in progress are not interrupted. Priority and Rush results are faxed to customer immediately upon analysis completion, followed by postal dispatch of analysis report. Surcharges are added to listed prices. Current workload may limit number of samples which MPS can accept for fast turnaround.

1 Per ASTM Standard Definitions, an aliquot is a representative portion of a whole that divides the whole leaving a remainder.