Characterization Tools for Nanoparticles

The usage of Nanoparticles in pharmaceutical applications is on the rise.  Many organizations lack the expertise and technology to adequately characterize these materials. Our contract service organization has been characterizing Nanoparticles for more than 40 years. Using state of the art analytical tools, MPS has the experience and analytical tools necessary to provide you with data, consultation, and method development services.

Common Applications Include

  • API particles (Dry and Suspensions)
  • Lipid, Liposome, Polymer, and Polysaccharide drug delivery mechanisms
  • Characterization of particulate morphology (surface characteristics) after micronization, milling, and grinding that may affect material performance. 

We use several technologies to characterize the physical properties of nanoparticles and meet the requirements of the applications above: 

   Particle Size

  • Dynamic Light Scattering-Particle Size Distribution
  • Gas Adsorption-Average Particle Diameter


  • True Density
  • Bulk Density
  • TAP Density


   Surface Area (BET)

   Surface Energy

   Thermal Analysis