Micromeritics Scientist to Present Graduate Level Lectures at Mercer University to the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Myke Scoggins
On October 17 and 31, 2013, Dr. Myke Scoggins, will be presenting graduate level lectures at Mercer University's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Atlanta, Georgia Campus. Topics will cover various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry including an overview of the drug development process, preformulation activities, formulation development, principals of solid oral dosage form design, Quality by Design, and Process Analytical Technology.

Quality by Design (QbD) and its systematic approach to development begins with a predefined objective and emphasizes sound science and quality risk principles as an integral part of product development and process control implementation.

Recently there has been a resurging interest in material sciences within a QbD framework that extends beyond the accepted path of strictly particle size. Properties such as surface morphology, porosity, particle shape, density, powder flow, and surface energy are increasingly becoming valuable tools for predictive monitoring to prevent manufacturing failures and scale-up effects.

Micromeritics Analytical Services (MAS) and Micromeritics Pharmaceutical Services (MPS) both provide contract sample analyses and consulting services. MAS offers customers a choice of numerous different analytical techniques and dozens of methods for measuring particle size. MPS expands Micromeritics’ analytical service capabilities to meet the growing demand for contract services from the pharmaceutical industry. MPS also offers a comprehensive service program to provide instrument users with method development and method validation.

Micromeritics, with over 50 years’ experience in Material Science instrumentation and development support, is committed to providing analytical solutions to the pharmaceutical scientist. Dr. Scoggins, acting Lab Manager of MAS and MPS, has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry including analytical chemistry, preformulation, formulation, process development and validation, scale-up, tech transfer, and manufacturing support.